Description pump ULTRA Pentax

Stainless steel multistage horizontal pumps. For non-loaded clean fluids: pressurizing system, irrigation, drinking and glycol water, water treatment, heating and air conditioning, washing system.

Horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps. Suitable for handling uncharged liquids; pressurisation systems; irrigation; drinking water or water with glycol in solution;
water treatment; food industry; heating e conditioning; washing systems.

Stainless steel multistage horizontal pumps. Pumping of clean non-loaded fluids; pressurizing system; irrigation; drinking and glycol water; water treatment; heating and air conditioning; washing system

Horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps. Pumping chemically and mechanically non-aggressive liquids; pressurization systems; irrigations; drinking water or with glycol; water treatments; food industry; heating and cooling; washing systems.

Horizontal multicellular centrifugal pumps. Pompa ge d’eaux propres non chargées;  suppression groups; irrigation; drinking water or glycol solution; traitement des eaux; food industry; heating and air conditioning; car wash stations