Single Stage, End Suction, Centrifugal Volute Pumps KYP

  • Main dimensions, compatible w ith EN 733 (DIN 24255) norm.A total of 48 designed pumps available in the series.
  • Single suction with closed impeller, and thrust balanced by means of counter-balancing holes and back wear rings, thus acquiring a dynamic balance.
  • The pump and the motor have a standard connection to the common base plate with a flexible coupling. Maintenance and repair procedures are easily carried out since the pump fixtures can be removed with the volute body remaining intact.
  • Use of extended coupling also enables the removal of the pump fixtures without moving the motor or the volute body.
  • The series has been designed so that parts are easily replaced and standardized. The entire series is made up of only 6 bearings and 10 shaft types, thus simplifying spare parts procurement

TECHNICAL specifications pump KYP

Suction FlangeDN 50… DN 400
Discharge FlangeDN 32…DN 350
Operating Pressure10 Bar
Casing Test Pressure13 Bar
Working Temperature-25 – 130°C 
Impeller Dia.160…500 mm ø
Speed Range1000 – 3600 rpm
Flow Range5 – 3500 m³ / h
Head Range4 – 105 m


  1. Transfer of heat transfer fluid.
  2. Chemical installations and refineries.
  3. Paper and sugar industry.
  4. Food and pharmaceutical industries.
  5. Leather industry.
  6. Plastic and synthetic fiber industries.
  7. Rubber industry.
  8. Vulcanizing and heating industry.
  9. Textile industry

Bearings pump KYP

  • The pump has sturdy maintenance-free The shaft is designed according to the minimum heat transfer criteria.
  • Bearing housing is made of spherical cast iron and mounted to the casing keeping minimum heat transfer from the casing to the bearing housing.
  • On the bearing housing, there are fins for natural convection. There are two roller bearings and mechanical seal in the bearing housing.

Pump Flanges KYP

  • Discharge Flanges : DIN 2533 – PN 16
  • Suction Flanges : DIN 2533 – PN 16
    250, 350, 400DIN 2532 PN 10

Shaft Seal pump NM

  • The mechanical seal stands between two roller bearings and close to the roller bearing on the coupling side. This gives the mechanical seal longer working life since it is on a lower temperature region.
  •  First bearing is on the impeller side and lubricated with working medium.
  • There is a thermal resistant soft packing seal behind the impeller. It slows down the leakage and prevents the pumping to be stopped if there is mechanical seal damage.
  • Second bearing is on the coupling side and lubricated with grease