DESIGN Pumps EnduroPro

Surface Type Sewage and Wastewater Pumps

  • Thanks to a special impeller designs (X Type Free-Vortex Impeller, S Type Single Vane Impeller and D Type Double Vane Impeller) this series is used different fields and different kinds of waste can be pump depending on the impeller structure.
  • This series can be coupled with diesel engine and high-efficiency IE2 or IE3 (Optional) class electric motor.
  • Thanks to back pull out design, the rotating parts of the pump are provided to change for maintenance and repair without removing suction and discharge line.
  • An extended service life is achieved by generously dimensioned shafts and bearings.
  • Various assembly options are possible – mono block, coupling, belt driven and vertical assembly.
  • Different accessory options are available to extend mobility and protection of the pump – Stationery Cabinet System, Mobile Cabinet System and trailer assembly options.

TECHNICAL specifications pump EnduroPro

Discharge FlangeDN 50 – DN 300
Impeller Dia.ø140 – ø430 mm
Flow Range20-1500 m3/h 
Head Range10-50 m
SpeedUp to 3600 rpm
Operating Pressure10 bar


  1. Water treatment plants
  2. Flooded water transfer
  3. Liquids containing sludge, fibrous and solid particles
  4.  Domestic and industry sewage
  5. Activated sludget

Bearings pump EnduroPro

Lifelong oil lubricated bearings are used in ENDURO-PRO series pumps. Alternatively, grease lubricated bearings are used. On pump and motor side 3300/6300 series heavy duty bearings can be used.

Driver Pump EnduroPro

TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) 3 phase, squirrel caged, in accordance to DIN 42673, IM 2001B35 type, high efficiency IE2 or IE3 (optional) class electrical motor or diesel engine which complies with DIN, IEC and VDE is used to drive the pump in proper speed and power
250, 350, 400DIN 2532 PN 10

Shaft Seal pump EnduroPro

Spiral grooves in the big conical seal chamber avoid contamination of the sealing environment with solids improved mechanical seal life.*Available on some models.
In standard production, SiC-SiC mechanical seals are used for sealing. 2nd seal region is protected by a buffer oil region, can provide superior protection in case of leakage.

Shaft pump EnduroPro

The pumps are provided with the rigid shaft capable of supporting different loading conditions. Since the shaft diameter is highly resistant to bending and the distance between the bearing and the sealing is short, pump can operate at optimal conditions for the sealing