Booster SMB-lowara
Booster SMB-lowara

Product Features Booster Pump SMB

  • Variable speed operation ensures smooth pressure control and quiet performance without water hammer
  • IES2 and highest hydraulics efficiency save money and reduce lifecycle costs
  • Delivery: up to 90 m3/h
  • Head: up to 150 m

pumping SMB

The SMB series is a variable speed booster sets range, designed for water pressure boosting and transfer in applications such as

  • Apartments, single- and multi-family houses, condominiums, residential buildings
  • Hotels, restaurants, spas
  • Industrial applications and others

SMB feature variable speed thanks to permanent magnet motors and integrated variable frequency drives. This ensures energy savings and quiet operation.

SMB are available with one, two or three pumps:

e-HME series: horizontal multistage, stainless steel pumps
e-SVE series: vertical multistage, stainless steel pumps
VME series: vertical multistage, close-coupled pumps

Benefits Booster Pump SMB

Compact design. SMB is also available with e-SVE..R pumps to fit installations when limited footprint is a must
Money saving and lifecycle costs reduction thanks to IES2 and highest hydraulics efficiency
SMB booster sets are certified for drinking water use
SMB booster sets are easy to commission and operate, thanks to a friendly interface with preset parameters
Quiet performance


All the electric pumps are controlled by e-SM drive frequency converter and operate at variable speeds.
Start-up is automatic, depending on system requirements. Each electric pump has a pressure transmitter that provides
a pressure reading, which is recorded and sent to the frequency converter.
The electric pump speed is modulated based on system requirements.
Electric pump start alternation is automatic, following a preset time (parameter available in the frequency converter).
Electric pump starts and stops are determined based on the pressures entered as set values in the menu of the frequency