Description pump 2mp

Multi-stage centrifugal pumps, horizontal and self-priming, particularly suitable for constructing small and medium sized pressurisation systems; able to suck liquids mixed with air or gas.


– ABS plastic casing, protection rating IP 55, complete with tear-resistant cable glands.
– General circuit-breaker for accident-prevention, with door locking device.
– Power supply from mains: 1 x 230V single-phase, 3 x 400V three-phase.
– Very low voltage input for pressure switch control (bounce-free) and low-level float.
– Pump protection fuses.
– Auxiliary protection fuses.
– Pump operating switches (Automatic/Off/Manual; manual operation only momentary).
– Green LEDs indicating power on, automatic operation, pumps running.
– Red warning LEDs for low/high water level, pump overload protection.
– Adjustable electronic protection for pump overload.
– Protection reset buttons.
– In-built pump switching circuit.
– Internal selector to bypass pump switching.
– Pump cut-off in case of pump malfunction.
– Output for alarms with change-over contact.
– Flame retardant cables for connecting pumps and pressure switches.
– Wiring/operation diagram.


– Reverses the pump starting order every time the pressure switches are turned off, thereby ensuring equal operation of pumps.
– Prevents the pumps from starting at the same time, which would cause unnecessarily high starting currents (otherwise, when the power mains is restored after interruptions caused by works on the grid, storms or manual cut-offs, the pumps would start working at the same time, with maximum power demand).
– Prevents (through delays) the pumps from being affected by pressure switch bounces caused by pressure peaks, water hammers or problems in the plant, such as damaged membranes in the surge tanks or lack of air in tanks with air supply.