Description Booster 2ULTRA SVariable Speed Driver

Highly efficient pressure boosting system with 2 horizontal stainless steel multistage pumps for fully automatic water supply. It includes IPFC or EPIC variable speed drives to control the pumps by distributing the work based on the pressure set and real working time of each pump also assuring dry running protection.

Horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps. Suitable handling of uncharged liquids; systems pressurization; irrigation; drinking water or with glycol in solution; water treatment; food industry lie; heating and air conditioning; system washing me.

Stainless steel multistage horizontal pumps. Pum-ping of clean non-loaded fluids; pressurizing sy -stem; irrigation; drinking and glycol water; water treatment; heating and air conditioning; washing system.

Bombas centrífugas multietapas horizontales. Bom-beo de líquidos químicamente y mecánicamente no agresivos; sistemas de presurización; riegos; agua potable or with glycol; tratamientos del agua; Hindu-stria alimenticia; calefacción y refrigeración; system mas de lavado.

Pompes centrifuges multicellulaires horizontales. Pompage d’eaux propres non chargées; groupes de surpression; irrigation; eau potable ou solution de glycol; traitement des eaux; food industries; chauffage et climatisation; stations de lavage auto