Description 2ULTRA LG+Variable Speed Driver

Highly efficient pressure boosting system with 2 vertical stainless steel multistage pumps with inline suction/delivery for fully automatic water supply. It includes IPFC or EPIC variable speed drives to control the pumps by distributing the work based on the pressure set and real working time of each pump also assuring dry running protection.

Vertical multistage centrifugal pump. Adatte alla movimentazione di liquidi non carichi; system di pressure; irrigation; acque drinkable o con glycol in solution; water treatment; industria ali mentare; riscaldamento e condizionamento; sist-mi di lavaggio.

Stainless steel multistage vertical pumps. pumping of clean non-loaded fluids; pressurizing system; irrit-gation; drinking and glycol water; water treatment; food industry; heating and air conditioning; washing system.

Vertical multistep centrifugal bombs. Bom-beo of liquids chemically and mechanically no aggressive; pressure systems; rivers; water drinkable o con glycol; water treatments; undue-stria alimenticia; heating and refrigeration; sist-mas of lavado.

Vertical multistage centrifugal pumps. Pumping of clean unladen water; groups of overpressure; irrigation; drinking water or solution of glycol; water treatment; food industry; heating and air conditioning; car wash stations