Main applications AmaDS³

  • Building services
  • Drainage
  • Flood / stormwater holding tanks
  • Industrial waste water
  • Municipal waste water
  • Pressure Drainage
  • Sewage lifting units
  • Tank cleaning
  • Waste water
  • Waste water / sewage
  • Waste water lifting units
    Waste water transport

Design amaDS³

Waste water pump station with solids separation system. Indirect hydraulic transport of waste water, solids separators arranged upstream of the pumps, for maximum economic efficiency, operating reliability and ease of servicing.

Application pump AmaDS³

Municipal and industrial waste water transport. Applications with special drainage requirements, e.g. hotels, hospitals, campgrounds, etc.

Ease of maintenance pump amaDS³

Redundancy of all important components ensures that the system can be serviced or repaired while it is in operation.

Located externally, the solids separators are easy to access and thus simplify maintenance work considerably.

Overview of technical data amaDS³

  • Max. Inflow rate:
    • model with compact tank: 25 m3/h
    • Models with round tank: 80 m3/h
    • Models with semi-circular tank: 200 m3/h
  • Flow rate
    • model with compact tank: 5.5 to 6 l/s
    • Models with round tank: 5.5 to 30 l/s
    • Models with semi-circular tank: 5.5 to 65 l/s