Description pump 2CM EN733

Monobloc horizontal centrifugal pumps, constructed to EN 733 standards; widely used in water supplies, pressurisation and fire-fighting systems, cooling, heating, irrigation, industrial and agricultural applications; standard supplied with counter-flange.

Extremely silent single-impeller centrifugal pumps suitable for civil and industrial domestic applications. There extremely flat curve guarantees almost constant pressures as the flow rate varies.

Single impeller centrifugal pumps, extremely silent sui table for household, civil and industrial applications, with a very flat curve to guarantee constant pressure at the variation of the flow

Extremely quiet single-impeller centrifugal pumps suitable for domestic civil applications and industrial with an extremely flat curve; They guarantee almost constant pressures when the flow varies.

Very quiet single-impeller centrifugal pumps, suitable domestic, civil and industrial applications. The very flat characteristic curve guarantees pressures almost constant in case of variation of the flow.